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Help & Info about Audio Recorder for windows

  • 1. What is Audio Recorder?

    Audio Recorder is an audio recording tool by EZ SoftMagic. Unlike the built-in Windows sound recorder, Audio Recorder is a lot more advanced and records various audio formats and manages audio quality. The program records microphone inputs and also audio and music from different sources. And you can directly record to OGG and MP3 formats, and not just WAV.
  • 2. What could be those other sources for recording?

    As aforementioned, Audio Recorder helps record from different sources other than just your computer’s microphone. It supports streaming Internet audio, external input devices (LPs, CDs, phone line, music cassettes, etc.), and also other applications such as Media Player and Winamp. You probably may not want to record from all these sources, but at least the options are there.
  • 3. Is the tool free?

    No, Audio Recorder is not a free tool. But you have a free trial to test the tool and see if it’s worth your money. Most professional audio recorders are not free. And even if you manage to find one, it would not pack in as many features as you would like it to.
  • 4. Does EZ SoftMagic sell two versions of Audio Recorder?

    Yes, there are two versions of this tool: Pro and Platinum. The Pro version is basically the standard version. The Platinum version steps it up and offers more advanced and powerful features than Pro. For instance, it provides a couple of recording modes: Normal Record and EZ All-Record. ‘Normal record’ can record audio from your sound card, while ‘all-record’ records through virtual audio driver, not requiring a sound card.
  • 5. What are the recording controls like?

    The tool lets you stop, pause and restart recording whenever you want. However, there are certain added features that make the tool a lot more utilitarian and likeable. For instance, you can pre-set recording time or gauge silence so that the recording happens only when sound is picked up. Moreover, you can modify the bitrate quality of the recording and also preview prior to recording.
  • 6. Who is this recorder for?

    Audio Recorder is for people who are not content with Windows’ built-in recorder and want something more powerful and polished. If you want to take your Windows recordings to another level and want a lot more control over the process, this is the program you need.
  • 7. What is the user interface like?

    The interface isn’t the most user-friendly and is quite cluttered. Getting around it or working with it takes some time and effort. But that’s understandable, to a great extent, as there are quite a few features packed in and the majority of them are truly useful.
  • 8. What is the audio editor?

    Besides recording audio, Audio Recorder also has an editor that lets you copy, paste, cut, trim or add many different effects to the audio recorded. The output files would come with CD quality. The tool also lets you set the quality of the output so that you can save disk space.
  • 9. What is the built-in timer?

    Audio Recorder has a built-in timer that lets you start and stop audio recordings automatically. There is another tool in the form of an audio record engine. This advanced technology helps produce high-quality recording.
  • 10. What is real-time filter?

    Real-time filter is a feature unique to the ‘all-record’ version. There are different filters – high pass filter, low pass filter, automatic gain control and notch filter. You could alter the parameters and preview/apply the effects almost instantly even during the recording.


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